What is HyperC?

HyperC is the World’s First Supply Chain Intelligence Platform helping Top Amazon Sellers and Aggregators gain full control of their supply chain operations and eliminate “Out Of Stock” events, while increasing annual profits by over 27% per year.

Our team of E-Commerce experts have generated over $500M+ in revenue on Amazon and will share more insights on why you may benefit from using HyperC

HyperC Capabilities

Wall Street level analysis of a real-time market dynamics and demand forecasting models using HyperC profitability maps and planning shipments to maximize ROI (return on investment), while saving 25%+ on shipping costs

Streamlined and non disruptive sales with elimination of “Out Of Stock” events (99.5%+ In Stock Rate)

30%+ storage cost reduction due to significant decrease of inventory age across Amazon FC and 3PL

52%+ increase in supply chain teams productivity by simplifying collaboration and data exchange between different silos.


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Our Case Studies

8+ Figure amazon seller

Over the past 12 month, our client has reached the following results using HyperC:

Sales increased from $10 M to $12.7 M (27% ↗️ )
Shipping cost declined from $448 k to $376 k (16% ↘️ )
Storage cost reduced from $195 k to $127 k (35% ↘️ )
Team productivity has increased by 46% ↗️
Net Profit boosted from $2.3 M to $3.42 M (49% ↗️ )
Fast growing home & kitchen brand

The results that our client has achieved on Amazon:

Sales grew from $1.8 M to $3 M (60% ↗️ );
Shipping costs decreased from $84 k to $81 k (4% ↘️ )
Storage costs dropped from $37 k to $30 k (18% ↘️ )
Net profit increased from $433 k to $816 k (88% ↗️ )
clothing brand

Fashion company has improved its business results by using HyperC during the past 12 months:

Sales grew up from $2.2 M to $2.8 M (24% ↗️ )
Shipping costs have reduced from $114 k  to $85 k (26% ↘️ )
Storage cost decreased from $34 k to $28 k (17% ↘️ )
Team productivity has increased by 47% ↗️
Net Profit increased from $500 k to $710 k (42% ↗️ )
Canadian Medical Brand

Medical device company has experienced significant increases in its revenue using HyperC:

Sales soared up from 2.1 M CAD to 6.9 M CAD (228% ↗️ );
Shipping cost increased from 96 k CAD to 188 k CAD, while the ratio of total shipping costs to revenue has decreased by 40% ↘️ )
Storage cost grew from 53 k CAD to 70 k CAD, while ratio of total storage costs to revenue has decreased by 60% ↘️ )
Labor cost improved from 75 k CAD to 65 k CAD (13% ↘️ )
Net profit increased from 0.47 M CAD to 1.67 M CAD (255% ↗️ )

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your business with HyperC.

Today we live in the age of automation and optimization of business processes through artificial intelligence (AI) and scientific advancements. This is the chance to transform your business and get ahead of competition with the support of our knowledgeable and experienced team at HyperC.