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HyperC is the World’s First AI Powered Supply Chain Intelligence Platform, which is helping Top Amazon Sellers and Aggregators to get full control of their supply chains and eliminate Out Stock and Overstock while increasing Net Profit by 10%+ per year

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Can it be connected to Netsuite?

70% of our clients use ERP systems such as Netsuite, and we offer seamless integration. Possible integration with NetSuite (and other popular ERPs like Acumatica, Odoo, etc.) If you already have your data stored in ERP then it would be easier to deploy our tool with highest efficiency. 30% of our clients engage with us without using any ERP.

What forecasting methods are used?

Can we define an inventory classification (ABC) in your tool?

Do the planners have an interface to work on?

Can we work directly from the Excel?

What is the forecasting accuracy?

Does it track and handle Restock limits?

Can we have a sample output file to study a recommendation?

What if I disagree with the shipment recommendation?

Where is the data coming from?

What planning parameters can be defined?

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